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Posted by Falcon on Year 22 Day 121 13:56

Greetings and salutations! We've advanced the next round of deathmatch as well as put up some more grudge matches for you all. It was a close competition wirh Dunta vs Dijaca, with both votes being tied. It seems the Deathmatch gods favor Dijaca more than they do Dunta. My condolences.

In other news, we welcome Indiana Jones as our new Star Wars overlord and will be nerfing the popular playstyle associated with Snipers.

This week, we saw a plethora of new grudge matches submitted, so thank you all for that. We had to decline a few due to broken images, but keep them coming! We've also saved a few for future rounds, so if you don't see yours this time around, check back next time. We look forward to letting the playerbase choose the next darkness event.

As always, have fun with this session's deathmatch/grudge matches and keep the grudge match ideas coming!