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Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 125 18:25

Happy day everyone! Space Combat has just undergone a huge change this sync. There are other fixes in this Sync that will be listed at the bottom.


Space Combat Update:

Your best resource will be the Space Combat rules page. So this will be highlights.

Concussion Missiles now do almost no damage to Corvettes and are purely anti-fighter

Turbolasers are anti corvette and will not be a huge threat to fighters anymore

Corvettes can now participate in all space combat

Satellites can now be shot down in pvp zones

Cargo Containers can now be shot down in pvp zones


Maneuverability of attacker vs defender now matters in hit chance. Length difference matters as well. See rules for exact details.


Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship has been increased to 3 slots and had its shields dropped to 150. it was... way too overpowered beforehand.

Razor-Class Starfighters had their maneuver bumped down to 5 as they were overpowered at 6 with new rules.

Miy'til and T-wing interceptor starfighters has been bumpted to 6 maneuver from 5 as they were underpowered with new rules.

DP-20c has been lowered from 3 to 2 maneuver.


Other Changes/Fixes

MSDs are now able to work as spawn points for factions

Budgets no longer error out on adjustment

Weird duplicate locations will no longer lock people from exiting entities sometimes

Bandit Ship capture rates now match the rules page properly

Bounty rescues can now be kicked from entities

Allow export of first 5000 items if selection is higher

Sender name is now included in hails

Accessibility options have been added. Works best on chrome or android.



Due to complaints suggestions and feedback, we have included a surgeon in every medical room in the game who can change your voice. He may charge a fee but he works quickly. Have a friend with stimpacks nearby to revive you in case he doesn't though...

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 125)