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Posted by Falcon on Year 22 Day 150 12:38

Welcome to the final round of Deathmatch! Who will win? Fake Squirtle or Wish.com Chewbacca? Vote today and decide!


Now, let's see about these Grudge Matches... It appears that:

  • Baugrems is contractually obligated to make over Petabys to Lilith(Sorry Baugrems, the people have spoken)
  • Galia would win in a chick fight
  • Our next Darkness event is going to be a Yuuzhan Vong Style Invasion from the Unknown Regions***
  • And finally, you all accept that there is no cutest race(then again, birds weren't on there, so was it really a fair fight?

As for the next round of matches, we've got some spicy ones(pun intended):

  • Please vote that the Curry Kushiban is the best stewed species, and not the Fried Fosh. I don't want to have to rain judgement down upon you all so early into my tenure.
  • We're also going to find out which blue race is best. I heard a rumour that if they were green, that they would die. Someone please confirm?
  • Next, we get to see that Sevk will never own any kind of Star Destroyer. I only put this one up because I thought it would be funny. Judge accordingly.
  • Lastly, take the time to express which bounty tracking system was better, so that we can file it in the shredder and completelt ignore your votes.(edit: Tomas, I'm leaving this one in)

I'd like to thank everyone for submitting their grudge match ideas. There were, once again, an abundance of submissions, and I couldn't approve them all this round. I've saved a few for future rounds, so don't be discouraged, if you don't see yours. Apologies that this is a few weeks late, Noctis is making me say that it won't happen again(please send help, I have a family).

***All opinions expressed by Grudge Matches are solely opinions and do not reflect the opinions of the Star Wars Combine(herein "SWC") Administration. The Grudge Match opinions are based upon information they consider reliable, but neither SWC nor its administration, nor the entities with which such participants are affiliated, warrant its completeness or accuracy, and it should not be relied upon as such.
P.S. Props to the madman who voted before the Sim News came out. You're the real hero here.



(Edited by Falcon on Year 22 Day 150)