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Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 159 14:06

Some of you may have noticed the addition of the U-Wing and the Goji Turtle Tanker on the rules. These have been created for an upcoming event where you can earn these datacards for your faction. A series of events involving space combat, ground combat, room combat, and some events using other skills will be used to determine which faction can earn these datacards. There are more ships waiting on artwork to finish that will be included as well. R&D may be on the horizon but that's no excuse not to be able to earn some tech. Our largest request by groups is that they are worthy of tech like the groups 22 years ago were, but have no chance to show it. So... prove it!


To be eligible for the event, your group (umbrella of factions) cannot contain any unique DCs. As of this news post, information has been saved. New groups and old groups who dissolve will not be eligible. Each group leader will select 4 champions from the faction to represent them. If your group does not have 4 people right now, you are not eligible. Hiring sitters now will not count or help you in any way. Hiring others to fight for your faction also will not work. Having an umbrella of 4 factions with enough overall will count. There is no application process. We will approach you to ask who your people are over the next two months. We ALREADY have the data and any changes you make will not count. Eligibility is determined by the admins and we will do our best not to miss anyone. Another sim news will go out once everyone has been contacted. If by then you feel left out, message us, not now.


Teams will earn points in each event which will be tallied to pick a top 4. These 4 top teams will get to each choose one of the available datacards. 1st place gets 1st pick, and so forth.


Each team member who participates, even if their team does not win, will also get a reward.


Starting on Saturday June 26th at 2pm EST, we will be hosting this showdown. It should last for the weekend but might go longer depending on how things go. 


Questions should be held until more announcements come as details of the event will be released before you have to choose your champions. Pressing issues in the meantime should be sent here.


For now, May the 4th be with you!