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Posted by Falcon on Year 22 Day 175 14:35

Well folks, the madlad actually did it! It was a close battle, but winning by 2 votes, Gaarurra Madclaw has been named your latest deathmatch champion! For those of you voting for Fake Squirtle, my heart goes out to you(no it doesn't).

This new round of deathmatches has some... interesting members. I will watch the entire thing with great interest.


...Moving on, it appears as though we have some grudge matches to take care of. 

• Apparently you lot are a bunch of sadists and prefer to stew all of us. Those of you who voted for the birds... you know who you are and will be hearing from my lawyer shortly.
• The Chiss really came out in numbers for this next one. I'm not sure how they got so many of their kind to vote for being the best race, but I have to give them props. I didn't think they'd make it this far.
• With a vote ratio of roughly 3:1, you all have decided that the radar is the best bounty tracking method. We'll make sure to nerf this ASAP.
• Finally, poor Sevk, it seems, will never see any sort of Star Destroyer. I considered taking down the match so he wouldn't even have been able to see the pictures, but the SWC legal team has advised me against doing that(like they know anything anyways...)


None of those results come as a surprise to anyone, so maybe this next round of grudge matches will. I had to dig extra deep into my hat of nonsense for this round, so buckle up:

• First, a test to gauge how much fun you're having in SWCombine. I'm sure there's no shenanigans involved in this one. No pressure.
• Second, you get to pick the player's choice award of "Most Emo Paramilitary Faction". Yes, there will be a trophy.
• Third, a query about how NPC Cargo routes should work. Work your magic.
• Finally, after last night's ewok discord discussion, I should have expected to see this pop up for nothing other than the memes, but hey, lets run with it: Ewoks, yes or no? For those of you voting on this one, I expect a 24-page paper explaining your position on the matter. Please submit said paper in triplicate to Evan for his review. He's really looking forward to reading all about this.

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(Edited by Falcon on Year 22 Day 175)