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Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 177 18:16

A lot of questions have been coming in about event specifics and new races being triggered raised even more questions. To help with team planning for the upcoming deadline, we have some more information for you! If you already sent me your team and wish to make changes, just DM me the new list. I've been recording all the selections and will audit them when we get closer to the selection deadline (June 15th). If you decide your group does not wish to participate (and you were invited) please let me know soon so I may update things.


Space Round: As said before, the first phase will be space combat. It will be set up as a tournament with a losers bracket and a winners bracket. If you lose your match, don't worry as you get a chance at redemption! Teams will be placed in opposite corners of a system with 4 squadrons of ships. Expect a Corvette, a fighter squadron, a bomber squadron, and a gunboat squadron. These are provided; you cannot bring any of your own assets. The team who wipes out the entire enemy fleet moves on. The matchups for the brackets will be randomized and your  team's placement in the tournament will give your team points towards the overall win.


Ground Round: Part two will be very similar to part one. Teams will be given squads of NPCs of various types. Expect a sniper squad, a melee squad, a mid-range squad, and a short range squad. You cannot bring any of your own equipment or NPCs. The team loses when the npcs are killed not when players are stunned. High HP does not necesarily mean an advantage in this round. Your other skills and tactics will make all the difference. Randomized brackets for both winners and losers will be used just like in Space. The city will be fairly crunched in by walls and wall obstacles so don't anticipate walking through an entire 20x20 square, but do expect obstacles and tactical movement. Every single team does this phase no matter how they placed in space combat round.


Mystery Round: There is not much to say here. This round will be more about cleverness, luck, and random skills. No way to really prep beyond "send people who can think on their feet". All teams participate in this round.


Champions circle: This is where we kick out all of the teams besides the top 6 performers.They have already won a Datacard but now we will compete to see who gets the top slots. There will be a chaotic, warsim-like space combat battle with one member of each team. Meanwhile, a similar battle will take place with one member of each team (not the same person as space) on the ground. The other two members will not be involved in this battle at all. The free-for-all results will be compiled into a final ranking for the teams overall to determine 1st through 6th place.


That's all the info for now. Looking forward to next month to see who comes out on top!


Edit: For those interested, a discord server can be found here.

Edit2: Starting June 15th, you can access the DC Showdown public meetup via any trading 1 or trading 2 station (and Petabys). Anyone can visit. An NPC will be at the entrance to those stations and allow instant transport back and forth. There will be vendors and a chance to meetup with others safely. There will also be a VIP lounge just for contestants to use. Contestants will need to come here before the event begins on June 26th. This is where the showdown begins!

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 192)