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Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 194 21:58

Potential Disqualifications:

Sabotage will be the quickest way to find yourself and your team disqualified. We will redo matches. We will ban people. We will kick out teams. We will allow alternates if you get caught. If your group has a spy in another group intending to sabotage another team's chances, you will be disqualified and other punishments may follow depending on the case. Attempting to exploit holes in the showdown security will result in heavy punishments. This includes killing or capturing players. It also includes theft from the Showdown events or from other players. Don't do it. If the event ends and a group is found not to be indepedent, we will pull the card(s) and give them to the next runnerup. Punishments may also follow. Be truthful. We are not players for you to spy against. We will not reveal your secret affiliations. But you MUST tell us before you get too far. Message me (Baugrems) or Kyle about this if you are concerned.



A big question from many of you has been timing. How long do we need to be active to do this event? How long will it take? We are hoping this entire event will last one week or less. To help enforce this timeline we've added a few special flags to the Showdown combat areas. Not only will multiple rounds be happening at the same time, but fire delays and travel timers will be cut to only a fraction of their normal amount. This will allow for quicker action to end an engagement that might take 12 hours in only 2-3. We will also be enforcing time limits on the rounds. If one round lasts more than 12 hours we will end it and take best progress as a winner.


The Force:

Will the force be an advantage? Can we use our lightsabers? No to all of the above! Force will be completely disabled during the event. Even visitors on the showdown hub station will be unable to use the force at all. This includes healing, speed, deflection, and testing. Training and meditation are the only skills that will work. Your force powers will return to you when you leave the hub and head home.



Another big one we've been asked a lot. Can we heal? Is the force an advantage because they can heal? Good news! No healing items are being provided. The force will be disabled so no healing is possible.


Ground Combat Arena:

What will ground combat look like? See the layout below and start your planning! Teams will start in opposing, top corners. The NPCs will all be level 10 of the same race with available points to spend open to the team to assign. The race of the NPCs will be Penguani. 12 Riflemen with E-11s. 12 Melee Troopers with dual vibroblades. 12 Scouts with X-45 rifles. 12 Musicians with dual Relby K-23s (Drummer boys?). All of the NPCs will be wearing a flak jacket and a flak helmet. No other items will be provided or allowed. Characters will get to choose their equipment from the above. They will wear the same armor and get a stockpile of the above weapons to choose from. One pair of macro binoculars will be included. It's probably a good idea to give it to the snipers. Squads can be mixed if desired but optimal ranges here don't play well together. The event hosts do not recommend it. As stated above, fire delays and travel timers will be shortened.


Space Combat Arena:

Okay nothing is really special here. It's an empty, deep space location. Hyperdrives will be deactivated but everything else is the same. As above, travel and fire delays will be shorter so you won't spend your time waiting for sublight. Teams will start at roughly 6 squares apart as well to shorten approach time. Provided ships will be a single Raider Corvette, a squadron of Tri-marks, a squadron of B-wings, and a squadron of TIE Interceptors. Contestants will all spawn aboard the raider with everything magically docked inside. Teams will be assigned all the squadron leaders and the corvette to choose who flies which groups. Squadron mixing will not be allowed.


Showdown Hub:

Half of the showdown area will be dedicated to visitors. Anyone can come to it and visit with each other, buy from vendors, and enjoy the event. Contestants get a VIP section that includes more services and has shuttles to their rounds. Please have your entire team at the showdown hub by June 26th. It can be reached via any Trading 1, Trading 2, Petabys Station, or Taansari point in Bright Jewel. If this is somehow a concern, let me know. Access will open on June 15th.


If there are any questions in the meantime, feel free to send me a direct message (SWCombine or Discord). Also check out the dedicated showdown discord server to get questions answered, talk smack, and see a list of FAQ/announcements.


Edit: Added macros to the equipment list for sniper squad.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 194)