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Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 202 21:09

Hello once again! Here is yet another post about the showdown.

Click here to see the latest bracket/results for the Space Combat round.

Click here to see the latest bracket/results for the Ground Combat round.


With 63 teams total, one team will end up with a bye based on the random seed. That will explain why each bracket has one team already advancing to round 2. This will not affect rankings and has been accounted for fully

These are Double Elimination which means if you lose once, you move to the Loser bracket which lets you redeem yourself

Now that you have the bracket info please try to set a time for your first match. Matches (IN SPACE COMBAT) must start by the end of the day Arizona time (combine time) June 26th. You can even do it as early as now but the deadline isn't until June 26th. The 2nd rounds begin, at latest, on June 27th. This mainly applies to the space bracket, but ground matches can be scheduled too. There is no obligation to do your rounds early, if you wish to wait until the 26th to do your rounds there is no punishment but it may be more difficult is all. We recommend that you plan with potential future opponents on the brackets to make sure there are times that work rather than waiting until matches are won.

Contact each other and agree on a time. Then let myself, Kyle, or Falcon know when that is so we can get you prepared.

The Mystery round will also likely open soon as well. It can be done one person at a time at leisure, but once started must be finished. I estimate an hour or two at most to finish it. Unless you really take your time... but no time limit besides being out in time to do your other matches.

The showdown hub (accessible via T1, T2, Tansaari, or Petabys stations) will have a VIP section to the far "east" with NPCs that ensure you are ready for your round. Speak to them before your set time with no equipment or party members. When your team is ready, let the admins know so they can begin your round.


Good Luck!


Edit: (clarified scheduling a bit above, plus new announcement below)

Mystery Round will be open to anyone, even non-participants (only listed champions will have their scores count for Showdown). 
Will this give advantage to having scouts tell us what's inside?
Nah. What's inside is a combination of rng, skill checks, and puzzle solving. It includes a game of Mastermind, a puzzle guess, and random fun npcs. Even getting the wrong answer has odds of success. Scouts will only tell you what they think are strategies, which can help, but now you know anything they can tell you, cause I told you!
Can we do it as many times as want?
One attempt per person. Might release Mastermind as a standalone game somewhere later if people like it.
Will it take time?
Depends. I had it take 5 minutes and had it take an hour. You are not timed it's about steps rather than seconds.
Can we exit early?
No. Finish it before you can exit the maze. If you have a match waiting, don't do mystery round. Do it during freetime. It's all individual.


Have at it!

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 203)