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Posted by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 244 14:49

SWC 3D Art Competition
Aug 1st - Sept 1st(2021)

In 2020 we experienced our first ever art competition in Star Art Studio discord server, however this was unofficial and sponsored by several factions and some artists to help encourage new artists and support artists in doing art for SWCombine. Unlike the previous contest this year's contest will be exclusively all 3d digital art. Another thing that has changed is with support of the administration this is now an Official Art contest. 

This art competition will largely be held on Star Art Studio discord server, however you are not required to join. If you do not join the discord server you will need to send your initial and final submission to Galia Winters via Darkness. Artwork will be displayed on that discord and final entries will be displayed in the General Talk forum for everyone to review and admire. 

If you are not an artist yet or just starting, we highly encourage you to participate and socialize with other artists in this competition. We have decades of experience collectively, and it is the hope of this competition to inspire new artists to enter into SWC's art community. In addition we also highly encourage anyone to take advantage of our tutorials section and guides on how to do art. Anyone in SWC is welcome :)

Must be started no earlier than 1st of August 2021.
Must be submitted by the deadline (1st of September 2021)
Must be created after the start date (honor system)

- Announce in the #initial discord channel or to Galia Winters, your initial intent to 3d model. This will act as the proverbial measuring stick in which we compare to the goals we actually achieve. I.E. "I want to 3d model a YT-1300." Not doing so results in a 10 point Difficulty penalty.
- Each artist chooses the 3d model/s they wish to make. You may make a scene or an individual model or so much more, but it must be based in SWCombine.
- Three Judges will be selected to rate each submission from 1-100 in each of the following categories: Difficulty, Originality, Complexity, and Aesthetics. The average of these four scores will be each submission's final score.
- Must be a SWCombine member and the submission must be 100% made by the player submitting it. 
- Rewards in CP form will be given out to each serious entry based on each submission's average score. ADDITIONAL CPs will be rewarded is SWCombine can officially utilize that submission (i.e. say you did the art for a starship that SWC needs an image for). 
- You may only make one submission for this contest!



Thank you to all who participated! Here are our top 3!

1st Place: Alex Tylger
2nd Place: Janus Defou
3rd Place: Ondoron Bondoon

(Edited by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 293)