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Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 246 2:53

Happy Friday everyone! Hope the weekend is looking bright. Maybe this will help!


A long requested feature of the game has been the automation of material transfers from Mining operations to a central depot. Having a player dedicated to running these is frankly not fun no matter how you spin it. While there are other uses for such automation in this new NPC Cargo System, consider that to be use-case number 1. Please consult the rules page I am linking below for details on how this all works, and visit the official SWC Discord for help/issues. Just click the chat button in the top right menu! You may also open a support ticket if you encounter a problem. Visit support.swcombine.com for that one.


Currently, this only works for in system transports but later may expand to allow hyperspace routes as well. A fair warning that it will be highly expensive and inefficient to use this to directly bring materials from a Mine to an orbital large Depot or Shipyard. It is suggested that you pool resources locally in a starport or a smaller depot station before then manually stocking things from there or doing a single, more expensive route from it.


Suggestions are welcome but please understand they will likely be unread for a couple of weeks as devs watch the current release rather than consider changes. We suggest holding off until then to give everyone time to learn the system before trying to change it anyway. Happy hauling! (or not hauling?)


Rules Link - Click me!