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Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 248 18:47

I am here once again to give an update for combat in the game! 


The release of Corvettes into the wild with a few changes has been great, even if we have a few more tweaks we wish to make to the system. Those will be coming soon! We've taken in... literally thousands of combat reports the last few months about the new meta. Some more balance will be done around the same time as the following change. Stay tuned for exact details as we get closer to the actual sync date.

Heavy Freighters and Light Freighters are entering the combat sphere. There will be a balance where all stats are fair game. A full list of changes will be posted at time of sync. Expect this change within the next 2 months. Move your parked ships from danger zones like Petabys if you value them. You have been warned. We are stepping closer to bandits becoming aggressive as well, but that will not be included in this sync. Consider moving them out of your bandit hunting zones too.


Most of you have likely noticed by now that combat is creeping along in the game. We have Petabys for space combat, we did a showdown full of combat, and we've had Derra for a decade (or so?) now.

The Galaxy is a dangerous place and anyone who has unwittingly stepped out of their ship on Derra only to be absolutely stomped by an aggressive creature or bandit squad can attest to that. In a couple of months or so, this feature (with a few balancing changes) will be released upon the ENTIRE galaxy, except for a few safe zones (Newbie tutorial land, maybe a few darkness/quest areas). Space Bandits becoming aggressive will be a separate change but is also on deck soon. This is paving the way to getting players in the mind for more combat possibilities in the future. This release is itself a warning that more pvp opportunities will be coming soon as well, and that it will be fairly global. More details on that will come at a later time.


If you have questions or concerns you can message me by clicking here.