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Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 252 17:02

If you are hoping to get involved in the game behind the scenes, now is your chance! Every one of these positions also pays in CP so you can spawn new ships, vehicles, droids, items, creatures, and apply images to them. Any affiliation can apply for any position, these are fully OOC jobs. Details on how to apply will be specific to each one so read carefully and send to the right person. Apply for whatever you think fits for you!


Event Asim

This is a brand new staff position that we are testing out. The Event Asim will be in charge of running combat exhibition matches, managing the Quest team, and running faction/galaxy-wide events. While it isn't required that you can script NPC conversations, it is a good skill to have for this position. You will be required to "Pause" your character just like a regular Asim position. For a six month term your character will be paused wherever you leave it. Training is provided so you can learn how to set up matches, events, and so forth. The other staff members will also be able to support you and fill gaps where needed.


Managing the Quest team is a big piece of this job. You will review script ideas (not code) and approve the concepts alongside other staff/leaders. Your task will be to copy and paste the finished scripts from Dev server to the main server, tweaking them as needed to bring them to the game. Setting up the physical locations for these quests to work is also mainly on you.


In general, you are expected to spend the first month of this job learning the tools and processes. From there you will gain more independence for the rest of the term. We are looking for someone who will be active. Message Baugrems and Kyle in-game expressing your interest and relevant experience to apply. This application will close on August 25th. (Y272 23:59)


Quest Team

As a member of quest team, your job will be to write scripts for NPC/Droid/Creature/item dialogues. This can be for generic "All Riflemen say this" or specific to a quest. You will have the ability to more directly suggest quests as well. To apply, send Baugrems (or the new Event Asim when they're chosen) two example scripts you've written using the LISP NPC Scripting functions. Please be sure to do more than just (say) and similar functions. There is no end date to apply.

Art Team

The Art Team is looking for 3d modelers, both beginner to advanced. Beginners will be allowed in on an intro level and given help to train to intermediate level within three months. For those at the intermediate to advanced level, the Art Team is accepting applications for full time team membership. In recognition that the major projects that the Art Team is about to undertake, we will need some 2d Artist support as well for a large scale NPC project. To apply please message Galia Winters on discord (Galia Winters#0576) or via game DM with samples of your work and/or intent. 


Descriptions Team

There are no current pressing positions open for Descriptions team. If you are interested in their work, submit descriptions through the public Descriptions forum. You can also contact the Director, Paul Luz, if you're interested in the team.


Edit Y22 D270: Only 2 days left to apply for Event Asim! Want to help run events, plan quests, and take a break from IC life for a bit? Send a message to Baugrems and Kyle in game about your interest in the role. It doesn't need to be very formal! We are excited to add this role and see where it goes! 6 month terms but you can potentially re-apply for more terms even.


Edit: Y22 D275: Our event asim has been chosen! Thomas Decoy has been selected to be the new Event Asim,  and he will begin in roughly a week. Thanks to those who applied, we had a good amount of interest and it was difficult to choose!

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 275)