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Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 261 16:15

As a few incidents in the last couple of months have shown, it has fallen out of memory that Combat Zones are also no Arrest and/Execute (A/E) or capture zones. Under no circumstance can you trap or try to trick someone into A/E in the Derra system, Serroco system, or any of the Petabys systems. Any admin sponsored event or special testing area is safe from worry of A/E shenanigans. Pull your spying/trapping/games somewhere else. We will undo captures or kills at these locations as we have done for years. This is not new, this is a reminder. System descriptions will be updated to make sure these are better understand and a future rules update will reflect this more clearly.

On top of this, A/E as a feature is overdue for the chopping block. Keen eyes will have seen that A/E changes/removal has been on the dev project list for a while now. Our hope is that by the end of this year we will be able to release some of these changes that will remove A/E as we know it. Instant capture/kill in this game is simply silly. You may remember a recent sim news announcing more aggressive AI and a note about further expansions beyond that. This is one of those expansions. Removing A/E with a system that requires combat to be done and your party to be killed before you can be "Arrested". This won't make swap meets much less safe and events/testing areas will still be safe. The major change is removing the instant actions.