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Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 266 21:16

Just a quick note that we will be down for about 30 minutes starting at 22:30 combine time (Y22 D 266).


This is to ensure a smooth sync that has many backend changes and scripts to run.


Changes coming this sync:

  • Capturing a hostile NPC (bandit) ship with an ELB now requires that you be in the cockpit, and no hostile NPCs aboard
  • Bandit corvettes will spawn with a squad of NPC guards in the cockpit
  • Arrest Rules have been updated to recognize "Safe Zones" please read it.
  • "Space" Combat (e.g. ships) can now occur at ground and atmosphere layers (This changes nothing for players right now but allows more combat later)
  • NPC Cargo Transport added concurrency factors for time and cost (more squads you run at once, slower and spendier it gets)
  • When starting a Mine, can choose NOT to transfer materials to Silo-type buildings in the city
  • Fixed display bug where tiny fraction of health/shield/ionic remaining showed as 0 (now always rounds up)
  • Bandits will no longer try to target escape pod
  • Various behind-the-scenes clean ups.

Edit: Downtime complete! Sync was a success. Also I added an item or two to the above list.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 266)