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Posted by Kyle on Year 22 Day 275 18:15

We are conducting a survey to gather information about the community, specifically the community that factions develop for their members. We would like the participation of as many people as possible. The results will only be seen by the SWC Admins and will not be shared with anyone else so feel free to answer honestly and freely about people, toxic envrionments, or anything else you want to. The more honest you are the better the results will be. 

The survey can be found below:

Faction Community Survey

We are taking this serious, and if we find any people or factions attempt to harrass, threaten or otherwise try to get people to respond in a certain way, to not participate or do any retalliation against you in game for the survey. The administration will take appropriate punishment on the person or faction which might include but is not limited to loss of assets, ban from the game, or even the dissolution of your faction.

Please provide your response so we can continue to improve the game and the community of the game. Thank you for taking the time to help us with this. Submissions need to be completed by Sept 12.