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Polar here, greetings everyone!

Another round of Deathmatch has started. We are closer to finding out who will win death (or life?).

You can vote for the person who has better looking avatar here: Deathmatch is so much fun.


As for Grudge matches, new batch has been released right.... here! People are very curious about your opinions on DC Showdown, especially on how to lose it with style. Take notes for the next one.

Results of previous ones are as follows:

1. Ranged weapons are the most popular kind of weapons that people use. Shoot first, become famous.

2. Favourite pilot? 1st place - the one and only, Han Solo. 2nd place - any droid. 3rd place - Anakin Skywalker. Sounds about right.

3. The answer for "which Star Wars monster is the most scary?" question is... all of them! Good thing is, not all of them will fit under your bed at night.


My work here is done. Thank you for your attention and until next time!