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Posted by Polar on Year 22 Day 290 21:12

Polar here. New round of our Deathmatch Tournament is out and we have only 2 aliens left! Just like last week, one duel had to be decided by a coin toss. Now this week it's a final duel and we have 3 coins left, so it's safe to say that next sunday we should know the winner of the whole Deatchmatch no matter what!


This week one mysterious submitter would like to find out your opinions about recent changes in Combine. You can also vote for your Favorite junior dev, but maybe keep it tied so none of them will go on strike, in case of small number of votes. Let's go!

Also don't forget that you can submit your own grudge matches, you can ask our players many interesting and important things, like what type of ship would they like to own or what is their favourite horse colour.

Let's move on to the summary of last week grudge matches.

Most of SWCers are in 30-39 years old bracket. There are also many who are 40 and more. Very few are under 20, or they don't know where to find grudge matches.

If anyone is curious, the best way to lose DC Showdown is to forget to undock. The least popular way is friendly fire, so you probably don't have to be afraid of your own team mates.

Most popular opinion about DC Showdown was "Don't care, wasn't there". I personally didn't participate, but there was some good stuff you could get in the Showdown Station, even if you weren't in any of the showdown teams, for example spacecrawler DC you could buy from the vendor and tons of plushies for your daily tea parties during hyper trips.


That's all for this week, take care everyone and have safe hyper travels.

(Edited by Polar on Year 22 Day 290)