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Posted by Polar on Year 22 Day 297 21:39

Polar here, greetings everyone!

As promised, today we are announcing the winner of a deathmatch! And it's no one else than... checks his notes... wait a second. Penguin lost? Very sad news everyone, as a representative of winter loving race, I would like to announce that the winner of the Deathmatch is Mingolo Mingolonio! Congratulations! This makes him the last person standing in our contest, and everyone knows the penguin credo - never swim alone. So starting today for the next few weeks we will swim with a new group of contestants! You can vote for them here.


The next thing I will address today are results of last weeks grudge matches. Your Favorite junior dev is Baugrems, which is not surprising because he is the only person from the list who could ban everyone if someone else would win. I would like to thank everyone for keeping the votes for the rest of the candidates tied, more or less. They should all be happy with the result as no one got zero votes.

The next two questions were about changes to the rules and A/E removal. Majority of voters have shown that they approve those changes. It will take some time to get used to the new additions, but with everything that is being planned for the future, I think with time even more people will get convinced that we are going in the right direction.

Last question, about vendors, has shown that while a lot of the people like them, many didn't hear about them or just don't care. They are a great addition to the game, especially if you like trading. Today was the last day of Swap Meeting - event that many players are attending to hang out with other players and trade their goods. During this meeting, a lot of players decided to use vendors to sell their wares, at one point more than 40 of them were present and ready to trade with you. How big impact vendors have on trading can be seen in statistics from the last month:

During the time when the Swap Meeting was about to start, credits transferred through vendors skyrocketed to 1.7bil. People spent a lot of credits by buying from vendors and we will probably see a lot more of this trend in the future. If you are curious about Vendors, you can read about them here.


Today new round of grudge matches is starting. If you would like to vote, go to this LINK, if you don't want to vote, you can still click that link out of curiosity.


That's all for now, have a good week everyone and good luck on monday.