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Posted by Baxter Snow on Year 22 Day 306 9:30

Happy Tuesday! Today's sync has some changes to the NPC Cargo Transport feature, and minor backend changes and bug fixes.

NPC Cargo Transport

  • Loitering: Cargo Squadrons will now loiter instead of disbanding if there is no available cargo to move. The squadron will check for cargo every 24 hours and resume operations if eligible cargo is located. Loitering costs a small fee based on the value of the ships or vehicles in the squadron. 
    • Squadrons will loiter (and charge you) indefinitely! If you do not wish to have your squadrons loiter, you can manually disband them while they are loitering.
  • Minimum Transport Limit: You can now set a minimum cargo amount for each cargo hub. Squadrons will not travel to pick up cargo unless they can find a source which has the minimum amount. This prevents you from paying the overhead for docking fees to move a very small amount of cargo. The minimum amount can be viewed and changed on the cargo manifest page.
    • You can also choose to have no limit, which will function the same as previously.

Bug Fixes and Rules Updates

  • Rules clarifications for medical entities and healing, poison application time, melee weapon attack range, and sensor beacon usage
  • Fixed bug with repairing and small RM piles
  • Added total count to Datacard Assign event for large assigns