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Sync Report Y22D314


  • Combat will now resolve on the tick rather than instantaneously. You may notice a new screen after Combat stating that the game is waiting for combat to be resolved. This should take usually no longer than a couple of seconds, though it can extend to around 15 seconds or so in times of heavy load. No changes to how Combat functions have been made; this is simply for load balancing and database resolution purposes.
  • The Damage Type rules have been simplified slightly for clarity

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • Training Room type has been added in anticipation of the release of NPC Training (see below)
  • Droids will now be created with the right number of Sensors for their type (currently this is for display purposes only, Droids use Perception for vision, like Characters, and there are no plans right now to change this)
  • Fixed a bug in the API response for faction chat rooms
  • Images and Custom Images will now be served over HTTPS
  • Clarified NPC Cargo rules

NPC Training / Patroling

In an update arriving within the next 2 weeks, squads will no longer be able to patrol for XP. All currently-active patrol actions will stop. In its place, a new "Training" action will be possible in specially-designated Training Rooms which will be located in various entities. As a short preview, NPCs will be able to be squadded in these rooms and will initiate a repeatable training action, which will cost credits and result in the NPCs gaining a certain amount of XP. You can continue to patrol your NPCs until the feature is released, or you may want to stop patrolling and collect your NPCs now in preparation. Creatures may or may not be included in the initial release of Training; if not, a solution for their training will be released at a later date.

Additionally, galaxy-wide hostile AI for space and ground bandits (and creatures) will be enabled within the next few weeks as well. This release does not include changes to how or where hostiles will spawn. However, hostiles on patrol who encounter a player or entity will have the possibility of attacking that entity.  Prepare your defenses!

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 22 Day 314)