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Posted by Wombat on Year 22 Day 343 16:12

Citizens of the Galaxy, if you have never had the opportunity to set foot on Darkness Prime and experience the luscious jungles, pristine oceans, and grasslands teaming with life, now you can! Located onboard all Trading 1 and Trading 2 stations, and inside all powered Starports, a shuttle pilot can instantly transport you to Darkness Prime so you can experience the New Player Tutorial for yourself. There are a few simple rules to be aware of before you begin.

  • This is a ONE-TIME offer. Once you have completed the Tutorial, either as a new player, a pre-release beta tester, or by using this shuttle pilot, you will not be able to return to Darkness Prime.
  • After you complete the Tutorial, you will NOT be returned to the location from where you departed. You will be experiencing the full Tutorial, so refer to The Guide if you get stuck or have questions about the implications.
  • You may not bring any items with you, nor can you bring a party. Please leave them in a safe location before departing. The shuttle pilot will enforce these rules and will not transport you if you are out of compliance.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact an Asim. Enjoy your travels!