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Posted by Polar on Year 22 Day 353 11:58

Polar here

Greetings Everyone! Today we are witnessing grand finale of the current Deathmatch. George is the winner (congratulations) and we all know why! Circle avatar meta is here, it's official now. New round of Deathmatch has been started, you can go and vote here.

During last round we had two grudge matches. In the first one, asking "What role are corvettes best used for?",  the majority of people answered screening starfighters and bounty hunting. Fighting other corvettes got the least number of votes.

In the second match, we got to vote for the worst CP ship. Flarestar-class Attack Shuttle with 250 votes took the 1st place. It's a mix of flare, a star, attack shuttle and a gunboat with strike combat role. But all those things weren't enough to save it from the infamy!

New grudge matches are out!


I also have one more news for you today. I have drawn the shortest straw so I'm here to announce that...

Warsim has once again been enabled! Feel free to fight to the death and see who reigns supreme! You can find the details in this Sim News Post. Warsim can be accessed via any military station. If you have any issues, please reach out to an Asim and we’ll get you sorted.


Have a good week everyone and blow up your ships safely.

(Edited by Polar on Year 22 Day 353)