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Posted by Wombat on Year 22 Day 355 16:38

As promised, you can now use bait on empty open terrain for a chance at spawning new creatures and/or bandits.

Bait is a new generic datacard (0.5 slots); you can check out the item here: Rules Page

The usage instructions are on the rules page, but in summary:

  • On an empty terrain grid, bait has a chance (the same change as entering the square originally) to spawn hostile bandits and creatures.
  • Bait is used by interacting with the item.
  • Bait can be used once per hour.
  • Bait cannot be used inside rooms or in cities.
  • Bandits or creatures spawned with bait will cancel the respawn timer.
  • Using bait on a square that is not empty will not throw an error, and the bait will still be consumed without doing anything. Make sure the grid is truly empty of hostiles before using bait!

The remaining changes in the sync were all backend improvements, save for one small change to Repair; this action will now kick the repairing entity from its party.