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Posted by Wombat on Year 22 Day 358 19:36

The creatures and unsavory NPC sorts throughout the galaxy have been taking their smart pills, and are now under the control of a more advanced "AI" to drive their actions. The galaxy-wide aggression has NOT yet been enabled.

Bandits and creatures on Derra, Serroco, Kowak, and in Showdown Exhibition matches will respond aggressively while the new AI is beta-tested. We will post a new Sim News when the galaxy-wide aggression is enabled. The timeframe is TBD but expect it in short order if all systems look good during testing.

EDIT: As part of the new AI, creatures no longer have ridiculous ranges and attack from melee range only. You're welcome/I'm sorry.

EDIT 2: There is some work happening on the backend to standardize how actions (travel, combat, medicine, the Force, etc.) interact with each other. As a result, certain oversights from the past have now been corrected in this sync. For example, you may no longer begin piloted travel while training with the Force.

(Edited by Wombat on Year 22 Day 359)