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Posted by Wombat on Year 22 Day 360 12:37

Just a friendly reminder that PvE aggression from hostile forces (ground bandits, creatures, and space bandits) will be enabled in a matter of days or weeks. This upcoming change has been communicated through Sim News multiple times in the last three months (it was first posted on Y22 D248, for those of you who are counting). This is NOT a Soon(tm) situtation and it is not April 1st!

Once the AI finishes Open Beta testing on the combat worlds (Derra, Serroco, and Kowak) and in Exhibitions, there will be ONE final announcement with at least 48 hours (2 days) of warning. All betas have discoveries, but things are running relatively smoothly right now. Due to the upcoming holiday in the US, this final countdown warning will not occur any earlier than one week (7 days) from today. This means that you are only guaranteed NINE more days of protection for your assets from hostile forces, effective immediately. If you have not heeded the warning over the last three months and have left your droids, creatures, NPCs, or (for space bandits) ships and satellites strewn across the galaxy, this is your last chance to grab your most precious assets and get them to safety.

The adminstration is not liable for losses which occur due to hostile action and will not be issuing replacements or refunds. Please secure your assets immediately if you have left them in a vulnerable position.