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Posted by Wombat on Year 23 Day 1 8:10

It's the first sync of Year 23! Guess what that means...

...yeah, poison got nerfed a bit. The previous implementation, doing damage as a percentage for Max HP, was ridiculously overpowered against strong targets. The updated rules for poison can be found in the usual location but TL;DR for combat applications, the damage per hour is derived from the max damage of the weapon which applied the poison, and the amount of damage done is capped.

EDIT: After reviewing some stats and looking at weapon vs creature effects, the following changes to poison parameters have been applied (the rules page should reflect):

  • Max duration: 24 => 36 hours
  • Hard damage cap: 500 => 800 HP
  • Percent of Max HP total damage cap: 25% => 30%
  • Percent of Max HP per-hour damage cap: 5% => 10%


Stay tuned for further feature release news and other news over the next month as we celebrate the New Year and move into Y23!

(Edited by Wombat on Year 23 Day 1)