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Polar here

I was waiting for the perfect moment to write this very beautiful post, to make it memorable and one of the best ever, but I get yelled at that I have to do it today so here it is.

On december 18th we would like to invite everyone to the Winter Event that will happen on a secret comet that is flying through our galaxy. More details will be posted closer to the starting date, for now I can only say that you can expect some fun, some fights, some vendors, some quests, some gungans, and some free stuff! Do you remember Gal-Fest? Yeah! This will be nothing like that. This will be very similar! You may even see some familiar faces, some of them never forgave what you have done in the past, but there are also new faces, that don't know you yet!

There will be a special transport taking people from around the galaxy to the place of this event, so you don't have to worry about long hyper trips, unless you are in one of those weird, very far away sectors (we will make sure everyone can get here on time).

The Comet will be a great place to hang out with your friends and all people from around the galaxy, so check your calendar, throw it away and come to the event!


Some quick snake preview:

Final event may or may not include some things shown in the video.


Thank you for your attention and stay tuned for more details soon! Polar out.