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Posted by Falcon on Year 23 Day 249 8:24

Good day everyone. Your friendly neighborhood birb is back home and getting more involved in things. I don't fully expect to be back in full swing until about September, but I'm helping out as I can.

Recently, the SWC Staff have seen an influx of harassment tickets pertaining to discord, and we felt like an announcement regarding these tickets would help clear things up as it allows us to communicate our official stance to the entire playerbase so that there is no question on things.
The Star Wars Combine Administration defines harassment as any unwanted behavior (verbal or suggested) that makes a reasonable person feel uncomfortable, humiliated, or mentally distressed. 

If someone is making statements or partaking in behavior that is harassing to you, we encourage you to let us know via support ticket. However, we need to make it explicitly clear that we do not moderate any discord server not officially endorsed by the game and its staff members. Staff presence in a server does not constitute an endorsement of that server. For harassment taking place in a privately owned, unendorsed discord server, please take all complaints up with the administration of that server. We also encourage you to block public  and private messages from individuals who are harassing you and if warranted report them to Discord's Trust & Safety team.

Generally, our first advice to anyone reporting harassing behavior is to utilize the many blocking features built in to mediums like IRC, Discord, Darkness Messaging, and private forums. That said, when harassment continues, the SWC Team hopes we have shown that we are willing to step in.

When it comes to harassment that extends outside of official areas (or attempts to circumvent your blocking them), we strongly recommend you still submit a ticket. Even in cases where we are unable to act, it will allow us keep an eye on persistent troublemakers.

Officially endorsed and moderated areas are as follows:

• SWC Main Discord:
• SWC Exhibitions/Showdown/Warsim Discord:
• SWC Events Discord:
• SWC Forums
• SWC Darkness Messages
 More Info on reporting an issue to Discord's Trust & Safety Team:

Submit a Support Ticket:

(Edited by Falcon on Year 23 Day 249)