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Posted by Polar on Year 23 Day 285 11:03

Polar here

Very fast round of the Deathmatch, or as I like to call it, Fast round of the Deathmatch, has ended. The winner is Prard`arck Inrokini! Congratulations! New deathmatches are out, this round will be back to the normal pace, you can vote here.

Last week grudge matches told us that Anakin turned to the dark side mostly because George Lucas said so. Best Star Wars Board Game is Star Wars themed Risk. The Best Alternative Medicine is: Tears of My Enemies. This is why so many people are complaining on their health, their enemies just don't want to start crying. Second place with 200 less votes went to Death Sticks, they are for those who have no enemies.

New grudge matches are out! Vote here. Submitters will be rewarded soon.


This is all for today! Have a good week everyone.

Polar out