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Posted by Polar on Year 23 Day 365 22:33

Polar here

Firstly, short announcement about incoming event. We are planning to add a time limited winter quest at the beginning of december. The good news is that it will be open for around a month so there will be plenty of time to finish it. The bad news is that you will have to fly with your ship to the designated area. So if you are interested in participating, you can already start planning on how to get to it, after the quest will be announced through a sim news. To start and finish the quest you will have to be somewhere close/inside of those 3 zones, marked on red:

You won't need to travel between the zones, in each of the zones there will be a NPC starting the quest and everything you will need to finish it, will be within the zone, so you only need to get to the one that is closest to you. The quest may require flying between planets that are inside the zone so make sure you have something better than hyper 1 ship.

More informations will be provided once the quest will be added to the game.


Now to the Deathmatch! New round is up, you can vote for it here.

New grudge matches are up too. Results of the previous ones are as follows:

Biggest threat to galactic peace Zann and The Empire

Which gunboat is the best? U-wing dominated this voting, 2nd place goes to Tri-Mark

Favorite Female Jedi round 2: Ahsoka Tano wins this one, but not far behind her was Mara Jade


We are still rewarding players with 500CP if the grudge match that they submit will be published. Feel free to submit one if you want some easy CP's.


This is all for today, have a good incoming week everyone.

Polar out


Edit: I would like to add some additional information to this post, as well as answers to the most popular questions that were asked during the last few days.

Starting date: Everything is already set up, I just need to wait for a few staff members to test if everything is running correctly. It shouldn't take more than 1-2 days, but it all depends on availability.

Is it an event like Winterfest? No it's not, unfortunately big scale event is not planned for this winter. As stated above it's a quest, holiday themed quest. You will be required to help someone, by travelling to a few places and doing simple tasks. There is no daily reward or any advantage by starting the quest as soon as it opens. It will require few days to finish, depends on how fast is your ship and how often you are online. It may also require you to carry an item, so if all your inventory slots are full, make sure you will be able to drop your items somewhere for one part of the quest. There will be only one reward during this event, which you will receive by finishing the quest.

Is the combat involved in this quest? No, there is no need to fight anyone during this quest.

Can we still finish the quest if we get there a few days later than it's beginning? And: do we need cargo capacity or equipment or NPC party ? Will a starfighter do?

Yes, you don't have to be there on the same day when it starts, you can come at any time, but the earlier you will be there, the more time you will have to finish it. The quest requires some equipment, but it will be buyable inside the zone. Mind you, if you have all inventory slots occupied, you may need to have some free space in your ship if you will want to drop your items somewhere safe. Or you can always hide them somewhere in the bushes for few minutes.

How much does the equipment cost?

You may already have some equipment with you that will be needed to finish the quest, because they are very popular items. But if you don't, it will be possible to buy those items at the special vendors, total price of them is 3 millions credits.


Zones posted above are more or less the areas where the quest may send you. ONCE ANNOUNCED IN THE SIM NEWS, You will be able to start the quest at the Merchant Space Dock station in one of those systems: Shili, Azurbani or Nuswatta (in all those systems, the station is at coords 0,0). Once you start the quest, follow the instructions that will send you to nearby planets where you will have to land and follow the directions. The stations are closed for now, they will open as soon as the quest is ready to start.


(Edited by Polar on Year 24 Day 8)