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Posted by Polar on Year 24 Day 10 19:41

Polar here

Winter quest is open now. You can start it at the Merchant Space Dock station in one of those systems: Shili, Azurbani or Nuswatta (in all those systems, the station is at coords 0,0). You will find there Chiss Cringle, poor guy needs your help! He will send you on a small adventure to nearby planet/planets (as pointed out on a map in previous sim news). Follow his instructions, he will also give you summary of where you have to go in a DM. (Once you start the quest, you will have to follow directions until the end, where you have to come back to the same station where you started the quest, don't go to other stations).

During the last few days we had to add few fixes and adjustments. One of them is reducing items price to 1k per item. The quest is scheduled to end on Dec 25th. As mentioned before, there is only one reward that you will receive after finishing the quest (I'm not counting all the friends you will make along the way). The quest is finished once Chiss Cringle tells you that you are on his Nice List now! (you will also get an event as a confirmation "You have been added to Chiss Cringle's Nice List!"). After that, you are free to go and do whatever you want. The reward will be revealed after the quest ends and we will tell you how to claim it. Every person on Cringle's Nice List will receive it.

Can you get on Cringles Nice List before the wintersday? Good luck and have fun!

I will copy paste below some of the questions from previous sim news, in case someone missed an edit. If more important questions will come up, I will post them here too. In case of any bugs or issues with the quest, DM me.

Is it an event like Winterfest? No it's not, unfortunately big scale event is not planned for this winter. As stated above it's a quest, holiday themed quest. You will be required to help someone, by travelling to a few places and doing simple tasks. There is no daily reward or any advantage by starting the quest as soon as it opens. It will require few days to finish, depends on how fast is your ship and how often you are online. It may also require you to carry an item, so if all your inventory slots are full, make sure you will be able to drop your items somewhere for one part of the quest. There will be only one reward during this event, which you will receive after finishing the quest.

Is the combat involved in this quest? No, there is no need to fight anyone during this quest.

Can we still finish the quest if we get there a few days later than it's beginning? And: do we need cargo capacity or equipment or NPC party ? Will a starfighter do?

Yes, you don't have to be there on the same day when it starts, you can come at any time, but the earlier you will be there, the more time you will have to finish it. The quest requires some equipment, but it will be buyable inside the same city where it will be required. Mind you, if you have all inventory slots occupied, you may need to have some free space in your ship if you will want to drop your items somewhere safe. Or you can always hide them somewhere in the bushes for a few minutes.

How much does the equipment cost?

You may already have some equipment with you that will be needed to finish the quest, because they are very popular items. But if you don't, it will be possible to buy those items at the special vendors, total price of them is 3k credits.


Also deathmatches may have been pushed to the next round.



Is the present that Cringle asks you to deliver to an orphan a physical item that you have to pick up? No it is not. For your convenience and in case you arrived in a small ship that would require additional cargo space, presents don't require picking up. After talking to Cringle just go to the places he directed you at.

(Edited by Polar on Year 24 Day 15)