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Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 23 20:36

Greetings, all! Resident birb here!

First I'd like to say I hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday season(unless you're trying not to, in which case, you do you, I guess...)! We've seen some great turnout for the Christmas Quest, and it seems like it's been fairy well received!


...but that's not what we're here to talk about. Every once in a while, I make a mistake and act a bit hasty on things:

• Year 24 Day 23, 0:05 Falcon banned player Scott Hall providing the following reason: PG-13 - Inappropriate NPC Scripts despite multiple warnings (Permanent)

 Last night, we were investigating some Custom NPC Scripts inappropriate for the game, and I acted on some information I believed to be correct. As a result, I banned Scott Hall permanently for what I thought was a repeated attempt to circumvent an agreement we had made. It turns out that the information being given to me was incorrect, and that one individual in particular seemed to be setting up Scott for a ban. After discussing the details of the ban with Scott and confirming information we had once thought correct, the error became abundantly clear.

• Year 24 Day 23, 17:57 Falcon unbanned Scott Hall (the reason was: PG-13 - Inappropriate NPC Scripts despite multiple warnings (Permanent)).

As a result, I have unbanned Scott, and this ban will not be held against him. However, when confronting Julie Foley about the details given to me, she dropped her character. The SWC Administration has decided that this character drop cannot be appealed and will not be reversed. In addition, after the 21-day respawn timer, we will be issuing a formal Strike 1 to her along with the associated one-week ban. This will allow her to complete the tutorial and gain XP on the tutorial world as she normally would (if she so chooses) but adds an extra week before she can enter the game itself after respawning. 


As a reminder, this community is a PG-13 community. We recognize that the Star Wars Universe is not all sunshine and rainbows, and that there are darker sides to things, but this is not the place to bring your sexual fantasies to life. We do audit Custom NPC scripts, and if yours is found to be inappropriate it will be removed, and you will likely be warned. Further attempts to create lewd scripts will be met with strikes. That's all I'll say about that. Thank you all for helping keep the community a positive place, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or however you choose to receive it. Thanks!


Edit: as stated above, Julie's recreate has been banned for a week. In an effort to prevent retaliation against her new character, we will not be releasing the ban event in this sim news. Julie can, however, request an unban in one week's time. 

(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 43)