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Posted by Polar on Year 24 Day 32 1:38

Polar here

As they say on Csilla, "The cat is out of the freezer". More than 300 winter quest participants have already picked up their rewards, so it's probably safe to officially reveal what the final reward is. It's the ST-70 class Razor Crest M-111 with a special winter themed custom image!

The rules page with the ship's statistics and description made by Descriptions Team is available now to the public. Few words about the custom image. It is a special edition custom image made by the Art Team (Jevon Lambright) and in case you would like to submit your own winter themed custom image, any alterations of it or recolors will not be accepted by the Art Queue Team. After the reward claiming period passes and everyone will spawn their ships (so sometime at the beginning of the february), the winter themed image in the rules page and of every Razor Crest in the game will be changed to a regular image of this ship (which btw was also made by Jevon). It will be possible to keep the winter themed custom image on your ship, and instructions on how to do it will be posted closer to the deadline date. If you don't want your ship to have this winter themed custom, you don't have to do anything, image of your ship will change into "normal" looking Razor Crest. Currently we are not planning on adding any additional ways to acquire this ship, but it may change in the future.


More than 770 people managed to get on Chiss Cringle's Nice List! That's more than 770 happy orphans who will have a pleasant holiday time. I hope most of the players had a good time helping Chiss Cringle. Just like the last time after the event, I wanted to thank everyone who got involved in creating this quest, because without you it probably wouldn't happen at all. So thank you Quest Team led by Akasha (especially Eli Descartes who was never afraid to tackle my ideas and makes them so much better with his suggestions and scripts); QA Team for testing the quest and providing valuable input, so it ran very smoothly and without any bugs (special thank you to Kay Dalben, Remus Soran, Hep Viridux and Altra Firesong); Art Team, especially Jevon who once again created beautiful images and didn't even complain much when I asked him for a holiday version of the ship with a red nose (also there may be one more surprise in the future coming from this team regarding Razor Crest, we may receive a brand new cockpit image!); Staff members who helped with testing the quest and introducing this ship to the game. Thank you everyone who participated and have a happy holidays!


Polar out


Falcon Edit: the name changed slightly. Update your Rolodex. 

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