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Posted by Polar on Year 24 Day 58 20:41

Polar here

New round of the Deathmatch is up! Who managed to get to the next round? Who is out? You can check it right here.

Grudge matches are up too, right.... here.

Results of last weeks grudge matches are as follows:

Best Star Wars Game - Group A: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast & Academy (Group B is up for voting this week!)

Primary Occupation: Faction work. 2nd place went for people who Don't do anything. Only 11 voters live from trading.


This week some new things got added to the game. One of them was Beskar Crafting. Currently the rules pages for Beskar weapons are showing that they have an Armor stat. It's a mistake and it will be fixed soon. None of the weapons right now can provide you with additional armour, including the ones that got added recently. Which doesn't mean that it will stay like that in the future. Sorry for the confusion!

This is all for today, this message was sponsored by a letter P. Have a good week everyone and see you next time.


Polar out