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Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 97 20:21


Well I advanced the deathmatch tonight, and apparently I refreshed the advancement page again because it seems we had a LIGHTNING ROUND! You can thank or hate me later. My condolences to those that unexpectedly got knocked out or missed the last round that lasted approximately 4 hours. For now, go vote for our contestants!


In other news, lets recap last round's grudge matches and introduce the next round:

  • In a non-surprising majority, most of you would prefer combat only in certain areas, without the chance of permadeath and with some sort of associated penalty for dying... GTA Hospital anyone?
  • Again, the overwhelming majority of you enjoyed Qui-Gon's death the best. You monsters.
  • In the final overwhelmingly one-sided vote, #galaxy-events is the best channel in our SWC Discord Server. If you're not there, feel free to pop on by!
  • Finally, it seems we finally had a vote that the community was divided on. Most of you would fall back to Star Trek, but the rest of you are split fairly evenly amongst the other choices


In our next lineup we've got the following grudge matches:

  • Favorite Hapan Leader?
  • Best Droid Fighter? (If you don't vote for the Vulture Droid, I hear Dex is gonna extend R&D another 10 years)
  • Santa Claws vs Chiss Cringle
  • Favorite Disney TV Series?


Go vote, have fun and make the community proud! I'll be rolling out the next round of terrain restriction updates tomorrow with the Razor Crest image update. Stay tuned for that.