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Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 24 Day 119 18:35

Force Update

The first step in the ForceX project has been released. There are several changes, so you should review the updated Force rules. The biggest change is the removal of Facets, unused force skills, and the force meter has changed scale to be between -1000 to 1000. Some existing force skills that were running during the sync have been cancelled.

This is the "core" update for ForceX and additional changes will arrive in the future, including additional skills (such as combat skills). Some of these skills will be restricted if the Force user is wearing armour or has certain cybernetics installed. Because of the Force Meter scale change, using Force skills aligned Light or Dark will affect your Force Meter more than before. Existing character Force Meters have been scaled into the new system as appropriate.

Other changes:

- There is now a basic public vendor list available on the SWC website, and public vendors can be linked to. Vendors can be set to public on the vendor list page.
- WS planet list fixed for black holes.
- Rules pages now show how much XP is gained from recycling for given entities.


Edit Y24D121:
The force speed constant of 0.04 has been updated to 0.10.  The new value should be represented on the Speed Rules.

(Edited by Vadik Edik on Year 24 Day 121)