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Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 127 16:35

Falcon here,


Deathmatch has been advanced (only once this time... sorry Arjuna), and we're in the final round! Who knows when this next round will end?? (Mainly because I can't remember to advance the round...)

In addition, Grudge Matches have also been advanced. Much to Dex's dismay, the Droid Tri-Fighter won over the Vulture. I'm sure this won't stop him from attempting to take over the galaxy with them anyways. Santy Claws beat Chiss Cringle, even though every Chiss voted for him. This must be a devastating blow to their culture. To my surprise, The Mandalorian beat Andor in best disney series. And finally, saving the best for last, we present King Alex Tylger as "You're Favorite Hapan Leader."


This next round, we reach the epic final round of the Best Star Wars Game and open things up to the best Luke Skywalker. You can also tell us your feelings about the new art rules and share who your go-to for bounty hunting is.


If you want to submit a grudge match, you can do so HERE, othwerwise we'll see you in another 84 years when we start a new deathmatch tournament.