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Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 192 21:48

Edit: Changed wording from POC to Director to clear up any confusion. 
Edited by Lucas Isen Y24 D200 to show one open position for descriptions team as well as name him Director.


Changes to Descriptions Team.

Good evening everyone!

As part of the kerfuffle with donations being turned off and the greater emphasis being placed on joining a SWC team, I thought I would take the time to let you all know what opportunities were available, as well as what teams were in the game, and who to contact about them! This information is all available at THIS PAGE or by clicking on the Community Menu(House icon on the sidebar), Clicking About, and then clicking the link under Who is developing the game?

Anywho, here's a breakdown of each team. To apply, simply reach out to the POC(you can click their name for a quick message link) and mention that you're interested in joining the team:

  • Art Team - Always looking for artists interested in improving the game content.
    • Creates 2D/3D art for the Combine, as well as creating art for quests, features, and entities as requested by other teams or the SWC Administration.
    • Director - Kolomon Seph
  • Art Queue Team - 2-3 Open Positions
    • Reviews custom image requests, verifies rule compliance, and accepts or denies the custom images as appropriate.
    • Director - Kolomon Seph
  • Chat Moderation Team(Previously IRC Team) - 0 Open Positions
    • Manages and moderates official chat servers such as IRC and Discord.
    • Director - Falcon
  • Descriptions Team - 1 Open Position
  • Development Team - 1 Open Position
    • Assists with programming new features for the Combine, editing/updating old/unfinished features previously coded, fixing bugs, 
    • Director - Clarr Solo
  • Join Queue Team - 0 Open Positions
    • Reviews handle requests for new and recreating members, and approves or denies those handle requests in accordance with the rules.
    • Director - Syn
  • Quality Assurance Team - 5-10 Open Positions
    • Tests new features for bugs, tests/replicates bugs, provides feedback directly to the Dev Team and SWC Administration.
    • Director - Denton Dabbs
  • Quests Team(Shows as NPC Team) - 5 Open Positions
    • Develops new quests for the Combine, updates scripts for entities in Combine, discovers LISP functions needed and works with Dev Team to implement them.
    • Director - Akasha Ru Tauk
  • RPG Team - Pretty much dead unless there's a revival of forum-based RPG. 0 Open Positions
    • Authorizes/moderates scenarios, creates scenario rules(White Scenarios, usually), oversees RP Training.
    • Director - Syn
  • Technical Support Team - 0 Open positions, however, anyone is eligible to assist on an informal basis, provided the information they give is factual.
    • Monitors the forums/chat servers and assists members with any questions/problems they have about the game.
    • Director - Syn

If you still want to earn CPs but don't want to join a team, there are a few options:


  • Submit a Grudge Match and have it get chosen(100 CPs per grudge match chosen)
  • Win a deathmatch(500 CPs to the winner)
    • Contestants are randomly chosen, however, you can choose to enable/disable participation from the Settings page
  • Keep an eye on the Work for CPs forum, as every once in a while work will get posted there with a CP reward.
  • Find an exploit and report it!
    • All exploits will be independently verified and paid out based on severity.

Lastly, those of you who actually pay attention will notice that the POC for the QA team is no longer Tor`vor Xess, but instead Denton Dabbs. As of this post, Dabbs will be taking over as QA Team Director and will manage the team. Huge thanks to Tor for his time as director. 


As always, if you have any questions/concerns, you can feel free to Send me a DM or Submit a support ticket. Thanks for listening!

(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 200)