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Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 24 Day 267 17:02

Cybernetics Changes

- Cybernetics can now be installed on NPCs
- All cybernetic operations are now initiated by the Doctor
- Payment for all operations now comes from the Doctor's faction
- Critical installation failures on NPCs will result in the NPC's death (normal failures can still happen without death)
- Lost Souls will now carry over any installed cybernetics from the Character (not retroactive)

Room Map Changes

- Room maps can now have rooms of different sizes.

Other changes

- New Inventory Action added "Makeover To Subfactions", which is a generic tool to mass transfer entities between parent and subfactions using inventory filters.
- New Faction Privileges Added. Previously all these abilities were restricted to leader/2IC only:
 - "Change Faction Profile": Grants change faction profile and assign recruitment liason abilities.
 - "Rename Faction": Grants ability to rename the faction.
 - "Faction Custom Images": Grants ability to submit faction custom images, and faction related galaxy images.
 - "Create Subfactions": Grants ability to create subfactions.
 - "Manage Subfaction Members": Grants access to the parent faction "Add Members to Subfaction" page.
 - "Subfaction Full Privileges": Grants all privileges in all subfactions.
- (If you are faction leader and missing these privileges; visit the privileges page).

- Fixed launch garrison privilege issue when checking against faction commander.
- Fixed an issue with AJAX requests where empty arrays would be discarded.
- WS: Subfaction related fixes.