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Posted by Chupacabra on Year 24 Day 286 17:29

Hello everyone! Everything in combine has been running well and things are really just too quiet. Allow me to disrupt this with the announcement of another tournament!

With the obligatory memes out of the way, here's the stuff you all want:

WHEN: October 27th-29th (Day 335-337), between the hours of 00:00 - 09:00 combine time. We run all combine night long for extra spookiness.

WHAT: Shoot things in space until they are dead. Win prizes. Maybe even dethrone the two time Jawa champs.

WHO: You. Your friends. Your spaceships. Your friends in their spaceships. All admin provided spaceships, of course.

WHERE: Wherever you are. You will be teleported to the location by one of the event coordinators. Just remember to drop all your gear. All of it. And be free of cooldown timers and out of any squads.

WHY: It's fun!

Also, check out this new prize list:

1 x Shield Ship
1 x Eclipse Sail Barge
6 x A-24 Sleuth DC

1 x CR-20 Troop Carrier
1 x Xanadu-class Superyacht
1 x Empress-class Super Freighter
50m Credits

1 x Tri-Mark
1 x Gozanti
1 x ETA-class Shuttle
25m Credits

1 x Crescent-X9
1 x Class VI Bulk Freighter
1 x Jailspeeder
10m Credits

Knockout Participants:
1 x ETA-5
1 x BARC Speeder
1 x 720 Freighter
5m Credits

1 x CK-6 Swoop Bike DC
1 x T3 Utility Droid DC
1 x VCX-Series Auxiliary Fighter DC

There's also a cool spooky surprise this time around. Not prize related, so don't even try it.

Other things:

Sign up sheet - this closes on 10/13 or D321

Rules (may change before tournament. I will update sim news if it does. You will deal with the blue flash!)

Make sure to join the exhibition discord if you have any questions. Or just to tag Chupacabra since he's a jerk.

Be sure to thank Noctis for designing all of this for me. He pretty much runs anything good in combine now.

The bracket that everyone will be slamming F5 on when the tournament is underway!

The schedule

And yes there will be the unlimited vong round at the end that lasts until I get bored. XP will be on the whole time for the tournament. If I manage to forget the XP then you may relentlessly ping me on discord until I unforget.

Update - oh lawd the pings telling me I need to include a sign up close date... so many... its spooky!

Blue flashy icon to remind you that sign ups close in about 24 hours

Oh look another update! I added the spooky variant to each of the classic four ships for the duration of the tournament. They will forever be an admin asset and never given out to players under any circumstance with the exception of using them in a showdown match. I might also use them in future events, IDK yet. They won't be given out as prizes or have any chance of players owning them. Check them out before they vanish! (no link because I can)

Last udpate: Prize Vendor is live and everyone who was in should be able to claim their prize. You have until the next tournament to do so.

(Edited by Chupacabra on Year 24 Day 348)