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Posted by Falcon on Year 25 Day 53 22:24

Falcon Update Y25 D95:
Alright, I've got the results from the survey I put out a while ago. We'll start with the juicy data bits and then we'll move on to popular feedback from the questions themselves. A quick note before we begin that although there are answers from members who did not complete the survey themselves, I did leave it open for them to provide feedback because they may have information from their newer players who gave feedback to them or from things they may wish their new players were taught. 

Ok, onto the results:

  • Out of the 74 people that answered the survey:
    • 58 / 74 completed the tutorial (78.4%)
    • 16 / 74 had not completed the tutorial (21.6%)
  • Out of the 58 people who completed the tutorial, and on a scale from 1-10 for how prepared it made them feel:
    • 10 / 74 people answered between 0 - 3 (17.24%)
    • 23 / 74 people answered between 4 - 6 (39.66%)
    • 25 / 74 people answered between 7 - 10 (43.10)

The following questions had some sort of "N/A", "No change", Blank responses, etc. response as their answer. I will provide 2 percentages for these. The first will be total responses based off the 74 people who responded(aka including blanks), the 2nd will be based off of only the people who answered the question(aka excluding blanks):

  • What features (if any) would you add to the Tutorial? (62 responses)
    • 17 / 74 responses (22.97%)
    • 5 / 62 responses (8.06%)
    • AKA: Most responses would add more to the tutorial.
  • What features (if any) would you remove from the Tutorial? (47 responses)
    • 61 / 74 responses (83.78%)
    • 34 / 47 responses (74.47%)
    • AKA: Most people would not remove anything from the tutorial.
  • What did you like about the Tutorial? (54 responses)
    • 22 / 74 responses (29.73%)
    • 2 / 54 responses (3.7%)
  • What did you dislike about the Tutorial? (50 responses)
    • 34 / 74 responses (45.95%)
    • 10 / 50 responses (20%)
    • AKA: roughly half of all responses either didn't dislike anything about the tutorial or didn't dislike anything enough to provide a response.
  • Do you have any additional feedback you would like to provide? (45 responses)
    • 41 / 74 responses (55.41%)
    • 12 / 45 responses (26.67%)
    • AKA: Roughly half of the total responses or nearly 3/4 of the responses for this question had some sort of additional feedback (whether it was an unaddressed question or merely a thank you for the survey, etc.).

Now onto the individual questions. For the next section, I will provide the individual question at the top and the most common answers below it (text in parenthesis is mine):

  • What features (if any) would you add to the Tutorial?
    • Additional quests
    • An overview of some non-covered topics (Construction, Production, and Mining were the 3 biggest requests. We also saw a few for Prospecting and Recycling)
    • An overview of the UI/buttons, etc.
    • Space Combat/Bandit Combat/Room Combat/More explanation of combat
    • The importance of factions (See also, but also probably an overview of Modular Factions?)
    • Change the location of the Quizzer
    • Time Dilation (aka make things faster)
    • Space Travel
    • A quest log
  • What features (if any) would you remove from the Tutorial?
    • The level cap
    • The slow speed of things
    • The level cap
    • Change the location of the quizzer
    • The level cap (Ok, I think I see a common theme here)
  • What did you like about the Tutorial?
    • That there is one.
    • The instant immersion into the swc galaxy
    • The storytelling
    • The starter ships(and that you got them)
    • It was quick(which directly contradicts all the answers that say it was too long/slow lol)
    • Having something to do while respawning
  • What did you dislike about the Tutorial?
    • The level cap (no guys, really, I think I get it lol)
    • The amount of abandoned characters/entities [me too guys... me too :(]
    • Too many timers
    • Lack of starting credits (I agree)
    • The Quizzer quest (which one person called a Sand Panther and another called a Quizzle)
    • It's bare minimum
    • The lack of faction content
    • The lack of how to navigate the UI/interface
    • "Everything." (rude.)
    • It was too slow
    • It was too fast (guys pick one)
  • Do you have any additional feedback you would like to provide? (I'm going to exclude the thank you messages and the ones offering their assistance in helping with future tutorial work)
    • It might be nice to clean up the UI/Interface to make it easier
    • The tutorial needs regular wipes of abandoned grear/entities (and I'd even say characters)
    • It was difficult to navigate the tutorial either by talking to NPCs or knowing where to go
    • Move the level cap
    • The tutorial as it is now, combined with the wiki/rules pages are not enough (While I agree, this is a tough issue to address. Perhaps more of a focus on showing the players the rules page and where to find information is how this should be approached.)
    • There should be somewhat of a focus on joining a faction, and explaining the importance of getting involved in the community. (100% agreed)
    • The tutorial needs more Noctis (agreed.)

All in all, thank you to everyone who provided input. You can find the results of the survey at the link below, and I'll leave it open, but I will no longer be monitoring responses or collecting data.

A huge thank you to both the original members who worked on the tutorial to make it happen in the first place as well as the current Quests Team for helping me sort though this information. We've already collected some key areas to improve upon and have some ideas for things to add to the tutorial. Perhaps we will even see a level cap increase...

That's all for now, but stay tuned in the future for updates on the tutorial!


Y25 D57 Update:
I've gotten 64 responses so far, and all of it has been great feedback! Thank you all for your feedback, and if you haven't answered yet, there's still time! I'll be going through in about a week (now that it's slowed down) and taking some of the major points I've already identified (with the help of the Quest Team) and post it in an update here. I hear your feedback and read every entry, no matter if you've completed the tutorial or not, essays or single word responses. All feedback is appreciated and we're already drumming up new ways to improve the Tutorial and expand it. 

Please don't hesitate to keep the survey responses coming, and like I said below, if you don't feel comfortable using Google Forms to submit your response, you can DM/PM me your response. Additionally, if you'd like to remain anonymous, feel free to send me an email at swc.falcon@gmail.com. You can use a 10-minute-mail or another anonymous email to send me a response that won't be attached to your name.

Finally, if you submitted feedback with ideas, and would like me to contact you about it, not everyone left their Handle, so if you'd like to discuss ideas more, please reach out to me so we can discuss them.

Thanks, and enjoy your day!


Good day, my little birdies,

I've finally gotten around to some housekeeping and made a brief survey on Google Forms asking for feedback about our Tutorial. This survey does not require you to be signed into a Google account to fill it out, nor do we collect any personal data from it. Below is the link:


If you do not feel comfortable filling out the survey on Google Forms, you are more than welcome to PM me your responses to the questions below, and I will input them manually on your behalf no questions asked. We'd like to collect this data to figure out popular additions/removals/suggestions for the Tutorial so that we can enhance the New Player experience and best prepare them for the game. 

You do not have to have completed the tutorial to answer the questions, however, I expect the most beneficial responses will come from players who have. 

Questions are below (Mandatory items marked with a **), but as always if you need anything, feel free to DM me in-game, send me a message on Discord or submit a support ticket.


Survey Questions (Feel free to copy/paste into a DM to me):

1) Have you completed the tutorial? **
( ) Yes
( ) No

2) On a scale from 0 - 10, how do you feel the Tutorial prepared you for the game? **
( ) 0 - Not at all
( ) 1
( ) 2
( ) 3
( ) 4
( ) 5
( ) 6
( ) 7
( ) 8
( ) 9
( ) 10 - I was fully prepared for the game

3) What features (if any) would you add to the Tutorial?

4) What features (if any) would you remove from the Tutorial?

5) What did you like about the Tutorial?

6) What did you dislike about the Tutorial?

7) Do you have any additional feedback you would like to provide?

(Edited by Falcon on Year 25 Day 95)