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Falcon Edit: As some of you may know, when the DC Change is pushed, your faction will retain any Generics already purchased. Please do not exploit this system by trying to buy as many generics as you can right now. Prior to the sync, I will check and see how many factions have mass bought generics to save money on the back end. Buying generics for business purposes is fine. Buying 10 generics so that you automatically have them after the change is not.

Also, I've edited the title: we will be pushing this change in one week from this original sim news post, not 2. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.

Rules ninja edit 2: The cost equation for generic datacards has changed to use currently owned slots rather than raw number of owned datacards.

Rules ninja edit: Couple of changes from the screenshots below based on feedback and discussions.

  • The module inactivity timer has increased to 14 days from 7.
  • The Planetary Control module will not be required for planetoids (still requires a faction).
  • The Government module requirement has increased from 10 to 12 members. Note this is total members, and does not consume active member slots like the rest of the modules.

You may resume being angry.

Modular factions & alliances are new features that promises to make your life worthwhile overhaul the existing faction system. This is a brief summary of what's coming:

- Factions no longer have a type. Instead, factions are now modular. Faction modules provide access to functionality that was previously tied to a type, as well as new functionality. Each module costs a one time credit fee, and an ongoing number of active members and capital. Factions can purchase as many modules as they wish so long as they meet the requirements.
- Factions are founded with only a base module, which provides access to available-to-all datacards. This module requires 2 active members, therefore factions will require a minimum of 2 active members.
- Some functionality that was available to all factions now requires a module, including the ability to control planets and access to generic and unique datacards.
- Alliances are enabled by the Diplomacy module, and enable factions to share spare active members. Members of factions in an alliance can join any of these factions simultaneously, similar to how members can join multiple subfactions.

Other changes have also been made relating to this overhaul:
- Generic datacards no longer require active members to obtain. Instead, they cost an increasingly large credit fee.
- The library, museum, zoo, wildlife preserve and stadium facilities must now be managed by factions with the information module to generate income.
- A change of government on a planet now resets the tax rate to 5%.

This will be a staggered rollout as follows:
- Phase 1: Generic datacard change
- Phase 2: After the sync, any new factions will be modular. Existing factions will retain their type for now. Faction leaders will be able to opt to convert their factions to be modular ahead of...
- Phase 3: A forced migration later this year.

Draft Rules:
Faction Modules

Edit: Added the Draft Rules screenshots
Edit2: Faction module & datacard rules screenshots have been updated

(Edited by Falcon on Year 25 Day 72)