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Posted by Platypus on Year 25 Day 90 2:47

Falcon Edit Y25 D92: We've identified a major bug with subfactions, so we've disabled the ability to purchase more and will re-release them in 2.5 with the alliance module.


Platypus Edit Y25 D91: You can message Platypus with faction disbanding requests. Be the faction's owner, send me its name and the HQ recipient. Note that Faction Disbanding is irreversible. Any assets left in those shells will be lost. 


This is your warning that Modular Factions Phase 2.0 has been... released!

Any new factions created now must have at least 2 members. Faction leaders can find the conversion button on the Manage Faction page.

As previously noted, upon conversion, factions will receive applicable modules at no cost, in the following priority:
 - Core module
 - Government module or equivalent of current type(eg. Mercenary -> Paramilitary module)
 - Subfaction modules(1 per existing subfaction)
 - Planetary Control module, if planets are controlled at the time of conversion. Planetoids are exempt and will not obtain this module.
 - Datacard module, if generic datacards are owned

You will receive those modules even if you do not have enough members. However, this will initiate inactive status for lowest priority modules and a 14-day timer for those modules' removal. 

Phase 2.5: The alliance feature, via diplomacy module, will become available. (~1 month from now)
Phase 3: Existing factions will be forcibly converted to modular factions. (see above for modules carried over) (~2 months from now)

A new Q&A thread has been opened on Discord.

CAUTION: Do not convert if your module preview list is not as expected(for example, you have generic datacards but Datacard module does not appear)!

Falcon EDIT Y25 D90: Disregard. Nothing to see here.

(Edited by Falcon on Year 25 Day 92)