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Posted by Falcon on Year 25 Day 127 20:05

Do you remember Galfest and Winterfest? Well get ready, cause we're doing it again. But this time with more Ithorians, Herdships and plants. Oh boy I hope you like plants... There's so many plants.

If you don't remember these types of events, its a good time to meet up with people in person, play some games, do some quests and win some prizes.

Starting on Y25 D160 (May 4th, 2024), an Ithorian Explorer will show up in all Trading 1, Trading 2 & powered Starports to teleport you to the Ithorian Herdmeet on Gasteroid in the Bright Jewel system. The Herdmeet will run for 2 weeks.

Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the event... and maybe brush up on your botany in the meantime... there's a lot of plants that need tending to.


Oh what's this... a teaser video? Or perhaps a Rick Roll? Guess you'll have to click to find out. :)