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Smugs Sell Charmath for 1 Galactic Credit
Posted by: Sol Mazer, Smugglers Guild
Date: Year 14 Day 84 Onboard the Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser ~Donjon~ in system Charmath (-16, 107).
Galactic realtors where aghast as the Core real estate market hit rock-ivory bottom with the Smugglers Guild sale of the Charmath System to the Knights of The Fountain for one galactic credit. Said one realtor,  "How am I supposed to show hotels at three million credits a piece when whole systems are going for only one credit?"  We now go live to a press conference called by Solomon Mazer and Rehon Mosspim with regard to the sale... 

*Off camera question being asked, Mazer looking toward the direction of the reporter.  Mazer answers...*
Well, that was our intention, it's not a "mistake."  One credit.  Rehon has been close ally of ours for a long time.  In fact, the Guild acquired Charmath from the Knights in the first place.  Olos and I thought it only fitting they should get it back.
*Another question.  Mazer turns to face the reporter.*
Sure, we had a number of organizations interested in purchasing Charmath during our tenure.  We were offered everything from capital ships, credits, and in one recent negotiation, crates of sniper rifles.  But, it's difficult to put an appropriate value on something when the economy is as jacked up as it is in the Galaxy... When it was all said and done, one credit -for book keeping purposes- just felt like the best deal for our organizations.
*Another question, with some laughter in the background.  Mazer and Mosspim chuckle as well.*
Heh-heh.... Rehon sent first.  We didn't want to bother Togan with this.
*Mazer turns for another question.*
The transfer of power will not affect the people of the Charmath System.  The Knights are an honorable establishment- they will be a good steward to Charmath.  In the meantime, I will finish my term as President of Charmath and hope for re-election.
*Another question is asked, Mosspim adjusts his mic to answer...*
Well a few things, we'd like to provide more housing for sentients that require a place they can call home. A nudist colony for Wookiees has been tossed around, as well as a wayward home for Zeltron dancers.  We also plan to expand our mining facilities.  We may even open hunting competitions to take place on Charmath.  Due to the success of Krieg's Run, I think we would like to try something non-racers would be interested in. But most likely our first order of business would be to host an intergalactic kegger and BBQ....  Yeah, that sounds about right.... *Mazer nods his approval*
*Scene cuts back to the original anchor.*

If you are just joining us: Smugglers Guild sells the Charmath System for one galactic credit to the Knights of the Fountain.  Some real estate markets are already beginning to feel the effect of this unprecedented event....

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Events in Brief
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