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System: Charmath
Sector: Farrfin
Coordinates: (-16, 107)
Suns: 1
Planets: 1
Stations: 17
Population: 736,302,654
Controlled By: Knights of the Fountain
The Charmath system, located in Farffin, is one of the galaxy's rare gems. Host to a main sequence star and a solitary planetary body, it is off major space lanes and is often overlooked by most as a "backwater" and dismissed as a system of interest. This disregard has allowed Charmath's temperate planet to remain in pristine condition and avoid many of the conflicts that have raged across the galaxy. Having few dealings with its Farffin neighbors as well as the galaxy at large, the system recently came under the stewardship of a well known smugglers' organization. While a seemingly odd choice of an alliance, it has allowed the people of Charmath to maintain their cultural identity and the system's neutral stance towards the modern politics.
Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Charmath (16, 6) temperate/breathable 13,13 736,302,654 Knights of the Fountain
Charmath sun (11, 11) sun 30,30    

Station Type Position
Knight's Work Shipyard III (16, 6)
Knights Blockhouse Golan II (19, 19)
Knights Castle Golan II (15, 6)
Knights Citadel Golan II (10, 0)
Knights Drydock Shipyard IV (16, 8)
Knights Fortress Golan II (19, 0)
Knights Foundry X7 Factory Station (15, 7)
Knights Idea R&D IV (16, 7)
Knights Parapet Golan II (19, 10)
Knights Pharmaceutical Medical Factory Station (15, 5)
Knights Recycling Recycling III (18, 8)
Knights Shipwerks Shipyard I (17, 6)
Knights Shipyard Shipyard III (17, 5)
Knights Sickbay Hospital Platform XQ-2 (16, 5)
Knights Spacewerks Shipyard III (17, 7)
Krieg's Run Relay Station Charmath Luxury Space Colony (14, 8)
Sahsahlah Trading II (11, 5)