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Welcome to the Galactic News Service
Posted by: Lord Mustafa, Veritas Press
Date: Year 19 Day 226 Onboard the Ardent-class Fast Frigate Nebuchadnezzar II in system Toprawa (190, 302).

Veritas News Inc. presents


A subspace transmission from

Kaurum News Now (KNN) Headquarters, Hutt Space

It could have been horrible

Kuga Morguul of swashbuckling fame was in the news earlier this year, when the New Republic issued a warrant for his arrest with a reward of one-hundred million credits, following the execution of captured New Republic diplomat, Nohayk Haddock. Details of the incident are hazy but all accounts indicate Morguul held extreme prejudice towards the New Republic as a result. The once self-proclaimed pirate and New Republic dissident seems to have had a change of heart.

New Republic officials were left scratching their heads on Day 179 of this year, as they were alerted to the receipt of 40 city deeds transferred from Morguul, despite having declared him a criminal and outlawing all trade with him. If that wasn't strange enough, the cities were, in fact, the very ones seized by Bobby Boudreaux during the highly publicized looting of Merr-Sonn Technologies, a manufacturing company owned by the New Republic. It seems that Morguul purchased the cities from Boudreaux, and, in a stunning turn of events, returned them to the safekeeping of the New Republic.

"When I heard what Mr. Boudreaux had done and all the people he hurt, it made me stop and think about people I had hurt in the past," Morguul said. "I just thought... it isn't right. It has to stop."

A report from the Republic News Network outlined the series of dastardly deeds carried out by Boudreaux, the defunct leader of Merr-Sonn Technologies. New Republic Intelligence determined that Boudreaux stole a considerable quantity of products, raw materials, and deeds to cities within the system of Oetrago in the Mayagil Sector. Boudreaux then auctioned the cities off on Centrepoint Marketplace to profit from his bodacious betrayal.

In the meantime, citizens of the planet Oetrago waited for the outcome with bated breath as the sudden change of city ownership left the planet's future uncertain. Several of the cities housed planetary shield generators, the backbone of the planet's defenses, in addition to several palaces and a variety of industrial and commercial complexes.

One citizen who wished to remain anonymous felt relieved after hearing the cities were in control of the New Republic once again. "It could have been horrible. A huge weight lifted from my chest. I've seen it happen to other planets. Cities change hands, someone starts building stuff, the economy goes down the garbage chute, and crime runs rampant. Kuga is okay in my book! I don't care what he did before. They should pin a medal on this guy!"

COS overjoyed

Morguul, the owner of a small manufacturing business called Kaurum Company, denied reports that he was being celebrated as the "Savior of Oetrago" by residents or that he had been compensated financially for his assistance. The personal call from Chief of State, Orion Chran, was more than enough: "Orion called right away. I call him Big O; he's a pretty good guy. He thanked me for the kind gesture which was nice. The cities came at great personal expense, but you can't put a price on something like that. It was the right thing to do. I want the New Republic to know that I'm sorry for what I did in the past and that I'm here for them now."

Attempts to confirm rumors with New Republic officials that the Chief of State had personally offered Morguul leadership of Merr-Sonn Technologies as well as a full pardon have so far gone unanswered. Morguul is consulting his lawyer, Jic Uiji, about his legal options.

More recent reports indicate that Morguul captured Commander Olifa Omicron of the Imperial Navy on planet Hosnian to aid the New Republic in their attempt to secure the newly discovered Hosnian System. In addition, Morguul was taking personal direction from Chran on the planet Raysho, acting on intelligence regarding Imperial movement in the area. Morguul is wanted by the New Republic on several charges that include blackmail, kidnapping, extortion and premeditated murder. He feels that the charges are overblown and should be dropped when considering these unprecedented circumstances.


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Events in Brief
Year 19 Day 358: William Skingrad, the leader of Maldra Mining was replaced today by Lunamarra Dexton.
Year 19 Day 357: Rather than fall in line with Tresario Star Kingdom's recent requests, Toydaria I issued a release today announcing that they have formally accepted the more conciliatory terms of a planetary body, and have declared Tresario Star Kingdom a criminal organization on their planet.