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Unfortunately, The Jedi Did Do What the Jedi Are Known For
Hacked by: Lea Delorme, Aurodium Legion
Date: Year 11 Day 216 Onboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser Crilaer in system Fwiis (51, 224) on Year 11 Day 215 1:45.



'Jedi Do What Jedi Are Known For - Shock Ensues' - a bitingly sarcastic title that rings hollow in the face of the Jedi Order's long history of ignoring their own ideals. Valat Horn, Prime Minister of the Federation of Free Alliances, eXiles Corporation Ambassador and Executive Partner, and a member of the secretive Jedi Order himself, has long turned his back on the way of the Jedi, for years leading the for-profit business that formerly paid its 'partners' millions of credits per month. More recently, Valat Horn personally led offensive strikes during their attempted occupation of Gornien, arresting hundreds of civilian contractors; their families still have not heard from them to this date.

Despite Horn's history of ignoring the Jedi code, the Jedi Order quickly responded to his beckoning. Although not particularly surprising to see the Jedi themselves ignore their rules of life, it comes as a surprise after their leader, Jedi Master Ghon Webb, declared recently that the Jedi Order was changing its ways. Interestingly, the Jedi claim Kara DuMonte was instantly on the scene. However, the only 'Jedi' on the scene was none other than Keibak Aruu, former Sith apprentice to the Emperor Vodo Bonias himself. While such a person of disreputable past being allowed into the Order appears shocking, closer investigation shows that Keibak is far from the only Jedi Knight with a conflicted past.

Ghon Webb's professional life reaches back to the Galactic Empire, where he had a long and distinguished career. He then defected to the Rebel Alliance before defecting again, this time to be Wilhelm von Ismay's iron fist in the New Anzat Order. Upon the assassination of Ismay, Webb yet again defected back to the New Republic before taking advantage of the crumbling Jedi Order as his new base of power. Webb's fickle behavior stems from his tendency to flit between sources of power like a moth to the brightest light. Right and wrong have held no significance in his career, only who will give him the greatest power to exert over others. For him to fall to the dark side after such a past would not be a far stretch of the imagination. The temptation of power is there. The only question is, how far gone is he? His support of the actions against the Aurodium Legion speaks volumes.

In an effort by Legate Dorn Zeke to resolve the situation with the Jedi diplomatically, an avenue left unexplored by the Jedi aggressors, he sought the assistance of the Galactic Alliance through Hawwi Joshe, acting Secretary General of the Galactic Alliance. Secretary General Joshe, a former member of the Order, seemingly created subterfuge around the Legion's request, raising questions of his involvement in the Jedi Order's aggression. Secretary General Joshe reportedly brought the issue to the Alliance's attention, but in an effort to gain their support for the Jedi, claimed Legate Zeke asked the Alliance itself to pay reparations for the Jedi transgressions. For a seasoned politician, it was a guaranteed ploy to prevent support of the Legion. After Secretary General Joshe's request that Legate Zeke wait to speak with news agencies for him to discuss with the Alliance, Legate Zeke acquiesced in deference for his long-standing relationship with numerous Alliance members. The arrival of more Jedi Knights in the system prompted suspicions of Secretary General Joshe's intentions, and the post was hacked prior to the Alliance response.

av-57.png When asked for comment on the Order's response, Zeke stated: 'Joshe has done his position a disservice, and has denied the Legion a legitimate diplomatic discussion with the Galactic Alliance. There are a lot of shady aspects to this whole ordeal, from the Rogue Squadron helping their long-time enemies, the Federation of Free Alliances, to the Jedi Order clearly choosing to side with the Exiles in an on-going war. The Order insists on calling its actions peacekeeping. Surely no one in the galaxy is so ignorant as to take anything they say at face value. If I were to claim we were simply building vacation resorts full of luxurious hotels on Adval, rather than attempting to save our oppressed people there, would anyone believe me? Surely not, and the Jedi's position has that same level of absurdity.'

Despite the Order's efforts to assist the Federation in its war, the Legion was able to restore control of the planet thus claiming yet another victory in its war against the Federation remnants.

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