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Welcome to the Galactic News Service
Galactic Museum: Grand Opening
Hacked by: Andrew Harris, New Republic
Date: Year 14 Day 98 Location Unknown

"This is Arruna Ven, reporting for the Republic News Network. Today, we bring you live to the capital of the Republic for an important announcement by Minister of State Endaro Kassan. Without further ado, we take you to the press conference."


The image shifts to a distinguished-looking older human male with a graying beard, wearing a dark suit, as he approaches a podium in a room full of journalists of all races. The New Republic crest is on the podium, while hanging on a banner behind the gentleman is a logo completely unfamiliar to the viewers. A message appears on the holoview identifying the human as the Minister of State.

"Welcome to Republica. I am happy to see such a high and varied attendance from the press. Today, I am pleased to announce that, after months of preparation, the Galactic Museum of Technology will be opening its doors to the public on Day 100. The Galactic Museum will provide a place where anyone can come to admire the ingenuity that aeons of technological progress has brought to us, whether they be researchers who wish to study designs or aficionados who wish to see certain starships that they have only read about in popular magazines. It is a spectacular facility, and we welcome any and all sentients across the galaxy to visit it and see for themselves the wide diversity of exhibits.

In addition, we will be hosting a Grand Opening ceremony on Day 121 that will be in keeping with the importance of the entities within its walls. Invitations will be sent to heads of state, dignitaries and noted intergalactic figures, and the festivities will be broadcast across the galactic HoloNet.

I know you are all very curious about the Museum, but before we move to questions, I have one more very special announcement to make. We are honored to announce that we have reached an agreement with Lord Myn Kuat of the Mercenary Guild, and the Galactic Museum will serve as the finish line for the upcoming Grand Galaxy Tour. We are still in the process of planning the activities for the event, but I can assure you that it will be quite impressive. Now, to your questions."
From off camera, a journalist poses a question. The holoview identifies the sentient as Dol Harat of the Ithorian News Service. "Can you explain the decision behind creating the Museum?"

The Minister nods. "We have felt that in this big galaxy there was something missing, a gap, if not a whole black hole, about the culture produced so far by every sentient being. The Museum wants to fill this gap by serving as a source of knowledge about past and present technology, allowing researchers and fans of technology to expand their understanding."

Isnr-Ka Dorr of the Avance News Network and the Tecave City Sentinel raises his hand. When recognized, he asks "When you say that the Museum should be available to everyone, do you mean that it is not a Republican exclusive good, rather it is for all sentients?"

"Exactly. This is our highest aim. The Museum will be open for visitors regardless of their heritage or affiliation. Although the New Republic has put a great amount of resources into the project, the Museum will not be under the sovereign power of this government. The security and freedom of any visitor will be ensured by an independent third party."

Zaruun Narrei of the Wortan Daily Caller. "Minister, this sounds nice, but don't you think it is a bit naive to expect that public enemies or outlaws will enter the station?"

"Well, depending on whom you ask, almost everyone in the galaxy is an enemy to someone. The central idea of the Museum is that, as long as you don't harm the Museum itself, you can freely visit and leave again. Also, I believe that dreams are important in this life, and that sentients are created to express their dreams, and the bigger they are, the better. To reply to your question, no, I don't think it is naive to think like that. We have put a lot of effort in setting up the Museum and I can assure you all that it is worth visiting."

Narrei speaks up again before another question can be posed. "Many, if not most, sentients may still have many doubts about what you're saying."

Mr. Kassan pauses as he looks at the Zabrak, and then replies. "I repeat. Although the Galactic Museum is a project created by the New Republic, we will not have sovereign power over the station itself. The security will be maintained by an independent third party, a Council composed of the highest galactic authorities not associated with the New Republic or any other government to ensure safety to everyone during their visit to the Museum, regardless of the visitors' affiliations. The Museum's special technology will prevent anyone from using any kind of weapon inside the station. Plans and descriptions of this will be available on the HoloNet. Now, if we can move ahead to the next question, please."

Another question is asked from off-screen, the journalist being identified as Jisela Maugvi of Anzatan Commonwealth News. "Have you set up this project all alone?"

"Of course not. There have been many people involved in the project, both from inside and outside of the New Republic. Merchants who obtained technology for the Museum, donors who freely gave of their own property, pilots who took care of the transports of said technology and various people looking for sources of hard-to-acquire technology. But the overall idea came from the New Republic Academy, whose staff put all their efforts into bringing this to life; planning and keeping track of all that was involved."

"Do you mean you have had direct contacts with the Imperial Union?"

"Not within this project, no, but especially on the technology market there are a lot more sides than just the New Republic and its opposing forces."

"Minister, Adali Varn of The Hapan Star. Was it a planned decision not to involve other large governments in the galaxy for this project? If so, why? Before, you said it is a galaxy-wide project..."

"We thought that, before taking such a step in order to expand the collection, it was better to give a real and concrete example of the project. Now that the Galactic Museum is a reality, it is easier for all to see what it is about and to build trust in this project. We have already established loan agreements for major technologies."

An unidentified Togruta male raises his hand and, upon being recognized, asks: "Minister, if no other governments were involved, can you explain how the Museum came to be an integral part of the Mercenary Guild's galactic race?"

"I was not directly involved in that, as all negotiations were handled by our diplomatic corps. However, the New Republic has agreed to co-sponsor the Grand Galaxy Tour. During the sponsorship discussions, both sides felt that having the Galactic Museum serve as the finish line in the Tour would provide a spectacular venue for the end of the race and would also give the Museum additional publicity."

Ylemira E`Bla of Caamas News follows up with the next question. "Can you give us some details on the space station?"

"Sure. The station is located in Tyrius system, close to the planet of Rodia, which makes traveling to the station with the public starport network quite easy. The station itself was designed specifically to give room to all of the exhibits. Aside from the show rooms, there are bars, hotels and other interesting locations for visitors of the station. We have designed the Museum so that visitors can spend as many days there as they like, with all the possible amenities available."

Narrei, the Zabrak, intervenes. "Among all of the exhibits, are you saying it is actually possible to visit a Home One?"

"A Home-One Cruiser is being constructed. The cruiser, which will be christened NRS Inta'si'rina upon its completion, has been tasked with defense of the Tyrius system, and will remain in system, and "on display", providing both security, and an consistent main attraction for the Museum."

Varn of The Hapan Star raises her hand and asks, "What have been the more significant challenges in the realisation of this project?"

"The main challenge was to locate and acquire some of the rarer pieces of technology. Many governments have restrictions on their proprietary technology, resulting in long negotiations. Of course, these negotiations were especially challenging in the cases of technology owned by governments hostile to the New Republic, but eventually some of the parties involved understood the broad scope of the Museum and that this project will be of benefit to the galaxy at large and not only to a minority. Furthermore, some entities could not be retrieved because of planetary shields. Let's hope that in the future the local authorities of those planets will be more cooperative and will allow those entities to be displayed in the Galactic Museum."

The next question comes from Opris R`Iac of the Imzig Chronicle. "How many entities currently make up the Galactic Museum's Collection?"

"For the opening ceremony, we have gathered around 70% of the ships and 60% of the vehicles that will eventually be displayed. A few droids are missing. Although, in its current state, it is arguably already the most prolific collection in the galaxy, the Museum's staff will continue to strive to obtain additional technology not yet included among the various exhibits. As more historical designs are uncovered, or additional breakthroughs in technology are created, expect frequent additions to the Museum.
Because the station is so large, docents will be arranged throughout the Museum to assist guests during their visits and provide directions to exhibits of interest. These individuals are experts in their fields and should be able to answer most of the questions posed to them."

A tall, red-skinned Zeltron stands and raises her hand. She is identified as Elyzhaa of the Zeltros Herald. "What are the future plans?"

"We are constantly looking for the finalization of our collections with the currently available technology and, due to various R&D programs to be started in the near future, we are also expecting new types of ships to be included. If the Museum project appeals to the Galaxy, we are also considering expanding to other kinds of technology, such as personal weapons, survival gear, and communications technology. In addition to all of this, we do hope that this project will add a new drive in this galaxy, and a common goal for many to achieve."

There is a quiet lull among the journalists. Kassan looks around the room and asks if there are any additional questions. When nobody replies, he smiles and says, "One final note. I would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone involved in this project. Also, there are still many things to do. Sentient beings can contribute in many different ways, if they want to become a part of this creative project. The space station is very big, so there is plenty of room for everyone. Thank you for coming today."

The image returns to the Twi`lek reporter, who looks at the camera and says "For more details, please visit the official Galactic Museum of Technology Holosite, which contains a wealth of information, including a listing of the current exhibits, floor plans, station staff, and more."

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