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Scars Of Past Mismanagement Fade to Usher A Tomorrow of Hope
Posted by: Simkin Dragoneel, The Faerytail Family
Date: Year 21 Day 350 Onboard the MC-80b Star Cruiser TFF Log Horizon in system Messert (245, 75).

Messert, Mytaranor (FFNN).  Today, King-Father Simkin Dragoneel, King-Father of the Faerytail Family, announced publicly the first annual Green Forest Day. The celebration, which will be hosted on the Wookie homeworld Kashyyyk, will be held on Days 356-357 to replace the inaccurate and hate filled “day of remembrance”  Black Forest Day.  Green Forest Day instead focuses on quality of life improvements efforts led by Faerytail Medical as well as infrastructure innovations completed by the Faerytail Family fixed on civil development around the planet of Kashyyyk. These developments aimed to minimize tribal schisms in far reaching more rural locations on the planet by developing larger and organized settlements where lack of offworld interaction has kept the local populace in localized territorial squabbles.


However not all efforts currently underway by the Faeries are planet side. Wookiee engineers have volunteered to assist Faerytail’s military in its efforts providing modification and personalization of their newly acquired military hardware. Under the skilled hands of mostly Wookiee technicians MC-80b cruisers have begun retrofitting in shipyards under the banner of the Faerytail Family. The recent boom in economic activity provided to all Wookie labourers has boosted a previously mismanaged and oppressed people into exponential growth. Industrial analysts believe that the Wookiee shipyards will place heavy competition in arms and luxury manufacturing against peers like Mon Cal shipyards. 

Under the management of the former New Republic Kashyyyk consisted of various uncivilized tribes warring for control of territory and lies propagated by the Rebels to sow hatred against the Imperial Union. Since Faerytail’s annexation of the region magistrates, diplomats, and engineers have worked in unison to design safe cities and villages, increase medical care, and provide Wookiees with medical innovations to help the natives overcome certain biological handicaps that make them seem less civilized to the rest of the galaxy.  One such recent innovation is a revolutionary procedure where Faerytail Medical surgeons implant an artificial voice box that translates the grunts and roars of their native tongue into a secondary voiceover in Galactic Basic Standard.  Wookies whose work often take the offworld have already praised the operations, noting great improvements in their profits and business endeavours now that they no longer have to haul around a translation droid or hope that their business partners speak Shyriiwook. Sevk, the military leader of the Guardians of the Fey, and Veselov leader of the Faeytail Intelligence Network heralded both the safe city design and Faery Med’s medical innovations with the following joint statement.

“The integration of sophisticated surveillance technologies and modern crowd control systems has allowed local officials to better govern their own people while providing vital intelligence to the wider central government of the organization. The artificial voice boxes, also known as electrolarynxs, have provided the natives with easier communication with the galaxy as a whole, making them feel less like outsiders.  We look forward to ensuring the festivities on Kashyyyk continue to remain peaceful and vibrant.” A spokesman offered on their behalf.

The celebrations of the Green Forest Day however are not just heralded on Kashyyyk. All across Faerytail held territory local governors and central leaders are supporting the event by cutting taxes, awarding private property in various lotteries, and providing economic advantages to their citizens in development plans.  According to Faerytail officials on Kashyyyk there are plans to give away at least several billion credits between hard currency as well as various other assets in order to combat the economic recession that non-Imperial Union governed citizens are experiencing across the galaxy. While the event itself is on Days 356-357 in true Faerytail fashion the giveaways and celebrations will last an entire week starting on Day 356 for the galactic public on the Faerytail Holoservers located at: [Discord Link]


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Events in Brief
Year 22 Day 4: A new treaty was established on Randon Asteroid Belt XVIII today between governing officials and diplomats from The Faerytail Family; these documents formalize the transition of power to becoming a protected territory of the government, a move largely embraced by the citizenry.
Year 22 Day 4: Ashura Harma, the leader of Interstellar Parcel Service was replaced today by Barjak Eaque.
Year 22 Day 4: Tolb Bekkup, the leader of Great Zillo Trading Co. was replaced today by Ralgarorr Hohenheim.